Our Services

Our team members are well trained in the many facets of residential construction, commercial construction, building maintenance and space management. Our clients range from the everyday home owner, to health clinics, to logistics and warehousing. We are a turn-key, from the ground up company, in that, we can help with project management or hands on workmanship. Whether it’s a pier for a new deck, a foundation, a new roof or anything in between, the team at Seaway Construction is ready and available to help you.


leaf-bullet  Residential Construction

leaf-bullet  Commercial Construction

leaf-bullet  Investment Properties

leaf-bullet  Project Management

leaf-bullet  Renovations

leaf-bullet  Maintenance

leaf-bullet  Cracks in Foundations

leaf-bullet  Screen Repair

leaf-bullet  Roofing

leaf-bullet  Post Hole Digging


leaf-bullet  Exterior Structures

leaf-bullet  Lighting

leaf-bullet  Fence Posts

leaf-bullet  Counter Tops

leaf-bullet  Helical Screw Pile